Zuuse features in FM Magazine

Zuuse features in FM Magazine

, Zuuse features in FM Magazine

The focus of the August/September 2015 issue of FM Magazine was disruptive technology and how it is redefining the FM industry. This is an exciting topic for the Zuuse Team as we continue to see 3D BIM technology rank at the top of the agenda for facility managers. In this issue, Zuuse was asked to highlight the key considerations for implementing BIM into FM.

While the concept of Building Information Modelling (BIM) is not new in design and construction, 3D BIM technology is starting to gain traction in FM providing real benefits to asset owners and operators over the long-term.

Asset owners are no longer just requiring their FM personnel to ‘do more with less, but rather are seeking innovative strategies backed by new technologies to deliver results. Specifically, traditional process are being unravelled by BIM-based technology, resulting in manual, paper-based processes being replaced by software that thrusts an asset into a 3D, cloud-based and mobile world.

Whether small or large in size, public or private, a new or existing build, BIM is said to be a catalyst for change and it seems all assets will inevitably be exposed to this paradigm shift of BIM in FM.