Facilities management shouldn't be complicated.

Streamlined tools for work order management and preventative maintenance.

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Manage your daily maintenance tasks and automate your planned activities in one place, powered by a cloud-based platform. With automated work order planning, a single source of truth for tracking asset information, and mobile-enabled workflows to support workers in the field, spend your time planning for tomorrow instead of reacting to today.

Automate The Way You Work

With easy-to-use tools, scheduling your regular and ongoing tasks will keep you and your contractors on top of your preventative maintenance task list. It doesn’t matter if scheduled tasks occur daily, weekly, or annually – automated notifications will help prioritise essential, routine works and avoid the risk of unplanned downtime.

Information At Your Fingertips

Real-time access to all of your asset data and associated information. View and capture additional information at any time.
Establish consistent and scalable processes to avoid duplicate work effort. Capture and display data in the same way, every time.

Optimise Spend And Save Time

Eliminate paper-based workflows. Establish consistent and scalable processes to avoid duplicate work effort. Capture and display data in the same way, every time. A single source of truth for your assets means all key information (such as compliance) is in one place.

Empower Your Team

Your staff and contractors do their best work in the field. Give them real-time support with mobile apps so they always have access to open work orders. Empower them to stay on top of their workload with easy-to-use functionality for work order status tracking, completions, and accepting new requests as they come in.

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Plan your portfolio's future with Sapphire

, FMI Works | Sapphire | Facility Perspectives

Sapphire enables asset management professionals to provide evidence-based projections of future costs across their portfolio.

Our simple, robust tools allow you to develop forward-financial capital forecasts, mitigate future risk with scenario planning, and control asset optimisation for the entire asset lifecycle.

With Sapphire, you can:

  • build a clearer picture of your asset portfolio and identify data gaps for investigation
  • transform your data in actionable insights
  • clearly demonstrate deferred maintenance programs and the associated risk of that approach
  • use real-time data modelling to balance risk, budget, and asset lifecycle stage

Adjust long-term budget and work requirement predictions to achieve a balance between work requirements, budget and risk.

Interrogate your data and identify areas of improvement.

Provide operational, tactical, and strategic views of potential liabilities, and ensure limited funds are allocated effectively.

Case study: Manukau Institute of Technology

Manukau Institute of Technology is one of the largest polytechnics in New Zealand. They used Sapphire to build a 30-year view of their asset portfolio, and it’s helping them improve the maturity of their asset data by providing data-driven insights with its robust analytics and modelling capabilities. Read the full case study.

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