Asset Lifecycle Management

Asset Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle management, accurate budget forecasting and asset optimisation are critical to any asset owner.

The battle of the budgets is a long and tired fight, and it’s a battle that most asset managers would rather not face. Anticipating future costs of asset portfolios and making informed decisions about where to spend limited resources is time-consuming and often requires an infinite number of spreadsheets and calculations. On top of that, communicating this from the basement to the boardroom can be convoluted and the important messages get lost.

Asset Lifecycle Management, Asset Lifecycle Management

So what is asset lifecycle management?

Asset lifecycle management is about getting the most out of your facilities and equipment. It enables you to reduce cost and risk through comprehensive operational and financial planning for the lifetime of the asset. This begins at design and construction, proceeds to operations and maintenance and finally results in decommissioning or replacement of the asset.

Asset lifecycle management is of particular importance to centrally funded organisations that must create comprehensively documented forward financial plans in order to receive the appropriate budgets each year.

Couple that with frameworks that require strict compliance and reporting and you find managing the asset lifecycle can become one of the biggest headaches for facilities managers.

Zuuse’s asset lifecycle management solution, Sapphire, can take this headache away today, and into the future.




Allocate limited funds effectively
GCPay Lien Waivers


Provide operational, tactical and strategic views of potential liabilities


Transition from a reactive to a proactive approach to sustaining asset portfolios


Adjust predictions to achieve a balance between work requirements, budget and risk


The ability to try out and test different options and scenarios


Utilise software to put control back in your hands

Sapphire asset lifecycle management software is the new way to manage your assets

Sapphire was born from the need to provide evidence of projected maintenance and operational costs.

Sapphire gives control back to the asset owners through simple yet effective tools that enable them to develop forward-financial capital forecasts, risk profiling and control asset optimisation for the entire lifecycle.

Now is the time to take control of the destiny of your assets. Sapphire presents users with a multi-layered view of all assets, drilling down into decades of anticipated asset maintenance and serving as your organisation’s crystal ball of budgeting.


Sapphire Skyline Module

The Skyline forecast module performs analytics over the base asset information such as installation date, life expectancy, criticality, current condition, replacement costs to forecast the cost of sustaining those assets over a defined period.

It includes functions to support and predict the interventions that will be required to sustain a defined minimum level of service, be that appearance, function or criticality.


The Equaliser module allows the user to defer, or advance, the predicted interventions to create a plan that satisfies both funding constraints and risk.

The user will be able to select assets by location or by function and adjust their point of intervention with a simple slider. Moving an intervention will dynamically alter the financial forecast skyline and flag if the deferral presents an unacceptable level of risk.

Sapphire Equaliser Module


The Capture mobile app, available on all major platforms and devices, is an online/offline inspection and data capture tool. It can be easily configured to capture any kind of information, including photographs. The app lets you Capture condition assessments and conduct asset audits and send them into Sapphire for use in calculations and forecasts. 

Asset Lifecycle Management, Asset Lifecycle Management

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