Aged Care

Aged Care

Aged Care facilities management is receiving increasing scrutiny in an industry that is highly regulated and has high standards for quality, compliance, transparency and auditability.

We understand the need to manage your facilities efficiently and effectively, from proactively managing planned maintenance, efficiently handling reactive maintenance and contractor compliance, all with the confidence that standards are being maintained and records are being kept up to date.

Aged care facilities management, Aged Care

Our software has proven functionality to manage all aspects of your aged care facilities from general maintenance, cleaning and security, to renovation projects and the management of your asset portfolio. It offers practical functionality for paperless day-to-day facilities management, as well as advanced functionality for best practice in strategic asset management.

We’ve been providing software solutions to leading aged care facilities for over 20 years. And with over 260 aged care facilities across Australia and New Zealand using our asset and facility management software, our track record speaks for itself.

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