Zuuse features in Facility Perspective Magazine

In this issue of Facility Perspectives Magazine Zuuse CEO, Jason Lilienstein, writes about BIM in FM – “The Real Deal”. 3D BIM is fast becoming the Holy Grail in space, facilities and asset management, promising unparalleled power in operating buildings and infrastructure. There is however uncertainty around the real benefits that BIM provides.

While the specific needs of asset owners and operators differ, there are three reasons for the adoption of BIM in FM which are discussed in this article:
1. 3D-based central data store
2. Time, labour and replacement part costs
3. Energy costs and sustainability
In this feature, we also discuss how one gets the BIM ball rolling in practice and answers the important question of what can be done if a 3D model does not exist.
It is possible to move to a BIM in FM solution for existing assets that may not have a 3D model, and that have limited information. Incorporating BIM in FM doesn’t necessarily mean that you require fully detailed, as-built (LOD500) 3D models that are time-intensive and, consequently, expensive to produce. There are solutions that provide a pathway into 3D by breaking down the level of detail required into manageable, cost-effective stages, combined with a fully functional solution that operates equally with a basic model through to a fully modelled facility.