Zuuse features in Engineers Australia magazine

With a proven ROI in the design and construction phase, BIM has revolutionised the way that buildings and other assets are constructed, aptly summed up by the old adage “measure twice, cut once”. In this issue of Engineer’s Australia Magazine Zuuse was asked to detail the way in which 3D BIM was successfully implemented for the operation & maintenance of the Pyrmont Bridge.

For the Pyrmont Bridge, mobility in the field, 3D visualisation, a single point of truth for data storage, digital work order processing and intuitive reporting were critical components for the solution sought.
Using Zuuse Capture, a mobile inspection app on iPads, configured to the requirements specified by SHFA and RMS guidelines, the RMS inspectors were able to inspect and capture details of all bridge elements digitally, with the data synced to a database linked to the 3D model.
This provided immediate efficiencies around data capture, storage and retrieval, allowing the SHFA team to visualise, analyse and report on the results immediately, as well as seamlessly roll key data into their maintenance and capital programs.