Flinders University chooses Zuuse

With an expanding portfolio of buildings, including the construction of a new building at Tonsley Park campus, the redevelopment of the main campus with a new Student Hub and other proposed capital works, the use of BIM gave rise to the opportunity to implement a better way to construct, manage and operate facilities at Flinders University in South Australia.

With an appetite for innovation, Flinders University recognised the strategic opportunity BIM represents in driving greater efficiencies and lowering management costs through the full lifecycle of a building. They sought to utilise the 3D models produced from the design and construction phases of the Tonsley Park project and implement a solution that made practical use of those models and associated information beyond building handover.

Zuuse, a BIM-driven software platform which provides a single point of truth and supports the day-to-day operations and planning needed to ensure that the facility continues to operate reliably and at peak efficiency, empowers the operations team with clear, current and easily-accessible asset information for efficient management of a facility.

For more information, please contact the team at Zuuse on 1800 212 807 or [email protected]